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Why poor video is worse than none at all

Martin Johnson - Saturday, April 26, 2014

I first wrote a post along these lines in July, 2013. Sadly, it seems it's time to repeat what I said then.

The world-wide viewing stats of on-line video continue to go through the roof. Up from 1 billion per annum in April 2011 to 2 billion in April, 2012 and climbing. (Ref: Soul Arch Media.)

More people are watching more videos for longer on the web. As someone in the business of making videos, these are good figures and show a growing industry.

But if you're going to use video on your web site, make sure it's well done. You need to make sure your video doesn't have any of the following, too common errors.

Poor sound. This is my number one complaint about videos on business web sites. Here's a secret not many people know - the inbuilt microphone on your video camera is there purely for decoration. Don't use it! Get yourself a good quality mic and make sure its in the right place to pick up your presenters audio. (Read this post for some hints).

Wrong camera orientation. Vertical Video Syndrome is a disease you need to avoid. Our TV and theatre screens show us images in landscape format - ie, sideways. Avoid the temptation to shoot video 'vertically'. No one has a TV set or a computer screen sitting vertically - so when you shoot video, turn your phone sideways or into landscape.

Bad lighting. The old saying "film the subject with the sun behind you" is worth repeating. Put your subject in good, even light and video them there. Don't put them against a bright wall (or any wall for that matter). The background needs to be neutral (without any obvious visual distractions). Unless of course you need to film your presenter against a company sign. If possible, make sure the background is darker than the person you're filming.

Keep the camera still. Wobble cam might look funky but it says 'bad video' and its annoying to watch, especially on a business web site.

Understand that the message poor video on your business web site says to your visitors, is that "we don't care enough to do this properly". They will make the same judgement about your business. Far better not to have a video than to have one that says you don't care.

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