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The creative process

Martin Johnson - Sunday, March 16, 2014
I've recently been training a good friend to use a digital editing program to edit short promotional videos for web use. So far, the results have been good, not sure if that's due to the skill of the trainer or the talent of the person being trained. Maybe it's a bit of both. Is creativity a process? But it got me thinking about the creative process overall. This thought was also sparked by my shooting some videos for internal use within a community organisation on the subject of cr .. click to read full post.
Mike commented on 25-Mar-2014 05:59 AM
Martin I totally agree with you on building a "reservoir of ideas". Its always tough to stay ahead of the game and as long as we educate ourselves, I think we typically can accomplish any problem we may have.
Annie Marie Peters commented on 28-Mar-2014 05:45 AM
Great question, Martin! I agree completely that the creative process is not necessarily linear. After all, creativity is an art, rather than a math problem. I've done a bit of web video in the past too, and I think I work similarly to you. I tend to start with a solid idea, then work my way toward a goal. Later, I find myself adding or making changes after some time has passed. Oftentimes, just sleeping on it for a night gives me a fresh perspective. If I'm feeling stumped, I will set a project aside, start working on a another one, and then come back to the original idea with a renewed motivation. Every day and every project is unique!
Annie Marie Peters commented on 13-Apr-2014 12:12 PM
Hey Martin. Nice site. My creative process is a lot like your lava lamp example. Good ideas rise to the top, but the motivation can sink back down quickly too. I think connecting with other artists is a good way to refill the well. Everyone needs inspiration now and then.

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