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Seven Lessons: Number 6 - Showing your videos

Martin Johnson - Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Showing your videos

Now that you've put in the hard work and have edited some great videos from your travels, what's the best way for people to see them?

Distribution: on-line and off-line

Off line means that you've copied them onto your tablet, Smartphone or computer and show people that way.  That's great for one-to-one showings and of course you can also use this method to show the whole family or neighbourhood by using a data projector and showing it on the side of your house ... well, you know what I mean.

On-line is probably the way most people will want to see your videos. If you posted to a travel blog while your were away as we did, you could upload them there.

If on-line is your preferred option, then my suggestion is to first upload it to You Tube or Vimeo and then embed the file into a blog, web site or your Facebook page from there. That way you only have to do one upload and the file can be shown around the world - on line. Plus you also have access to statistics about where your video(s) has been seen and how many views you've had.

Remember to add the appropriate tags when you load to You Tube - especially if you want your video on Paris or Venice to be seen by other people. Whilst there are probably hundreds of thousands of other videos with the same tag, it's still worth doing.

Finally, let people know your videos are on-line and get them to check them out.

Hope you get lots of great comments.



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