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Seven Lessons: Number 5 - Editing and music

Martin Johnson - Sunday, November 30, 2014

After you've arrived home, the task of importing the footage and editing in your NLE starts. Unlike a corporate video, which has a script or an outline, editing your holiday footage can be hard to get a start on.

Here are some things to keep in mind  ...

Your audience

Nothing new about this - all video productions need to have an audience in mind. In this case its probably you, the people you traveled with and your family and friends. Generally this sort of audience is not going to be too critical, so that might take some of the pressure off. But like corporate video, you have to keep your audience in mind. Assuming they want to share your travel experience, try and show them enough so they can get a feel of the places you visited, but not too much so they start to yawn.

Voice over, music, both?
I tend to select an appropriate music track for each new sequence. Music libraries are full of 'travel music' and its not too hard to find the right track to go with footage of the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace for example.

Location sound?

At the end of this post is an example of some footage I shot in Rome. Most of it was shot in Piazza Navona. It features the accordion playing of a lovely young Lithuanian girl who was there from around 5pm most week nights. She certainly attracted a crowd - her playing was beautiful.

On the day we were there, there was also a procession that seemed to commemorate a Saint who was the Patron Saint of rescue workers.

Using sync sound from her playing (doubled up a couple of times) I was able to create a nice montage of some of the other features around the Piazza and then cross to the parade. Sometime this only becomes obvious when you start to look at your footage. But it's a nice way of telling the story if you have a good sync music track.

Short is good

Hopefully you haven't shot endless waving camera shots of your travels (see earlier posts in this series) which means what you have shot is in nice sequences which you can cut to your selected music tracks. I'm cutting a five minute video (not started yet) of our five weeks away and I know it will be made up of probably five, one minute sequences which I'll select to best illustrate our time away.

No more movie nights

Remember, movie and slide nights which went on for hours are a thing of the past. Modern audiences want their home movies looking as slick as what they see on television or the web. Don't disappoint them.

Now - here's Gintare ...


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