About Pro-Video Blogger

by Martin Johnson

I've spent over 35 years working in television and film and I wanted to pass on some of the things I've learned over that time, so hence this blog.

I first starting working in the industry at a commercial TV station in Melbourne in 1972. After a year of learning audio and sound mixing, I decided I'd like to try on-air announcing and spent 3 years in regional New South Wales in Griffith, where I worked for 2RG and MTN 9. By this stage, I knew television production was my future and so I moved to RVN 2 Wagga Wagga as a Producer/Director.

I made some great friends and learned heaps there and had my introduction to portable professional video cameras and recorders. (RCA TK76 and JVC U-Matic recorders). In Wagga Wagga I was selected to receive a Rotary Foundation Award and we spent a year in San Diego where I studied film and television production.

On my return I worked for one of Australia’s leading Christian non-profit organisations, Wesley Mission, Sydney. During my twenty years at Wesley, I was responsible for a weekly half hour television program, a weekly four-hour radio program which rated #1 in its time slot, numerous short documentary style features and multi-camera live television outside broadcasts at Easter and Christmas, seen nationally on the commercial networks.

In 1984-6, I produced and directed a ground-breaking series of 36, half-hour religious documentaries for Wesley Mission, filmed on location throughout the Middle-East. The ‘Discovering’ series hosted by Gordon Moyes was recognised around the world for its innovation. (Shot on 16mm with Arri 16 camera and double system sound).

I also oversaw the Mission’s public relations and graphic design area and direct mail and appeals. I also helped pioneer the introduction of the Internet and developed one of the first web sites in the non-profit sector in Australia.

More recently, I worked for Bible Society (2002 – 2007) where I helped develop the ‘Jesus. All about life’ campaign, a prime-time media campaign, which has run in Adelaide, Canberra/ACT, Tasmania, Western Australia and NSW. I travelled extensively – writing, filming, editing and voicing documentary segments in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, China, Cambodia and the Philippines.

I now run my own business, Martin Johnson Communications which focuses on producing web video segments and other communications products for a range of clients, both Christian and secular.

This blog is designed for the serious amateur and the professional who wants to learn and share ideas. I now run my own video production business and you can check out some of the videos and television shows I've produced here.

Love to have your feedback, comments and suggestions for future posts.